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Mobility can be physically or mentally and can have an extreme impact on someones life. Many people are born with genetic diseases, other people may have developed an illness at some point in their lives. Accidents, old age and other circumstances can leave people unable to be as mobile as they once were. Here at mobility 4 we aim to sell aided mobility products that assist people and give them back the independence and confidence in their lives that they deserve.

Mobility Products
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Disabled Bathing

A wide range of disabled and Mobility bath options that provide different features and options giving the user mobility access in and out of the bath. Some baths come with a bath seat or bath lift that will make it easier to be lifted in and out of the bath. There are many options from child care seats to fully powered traverse seats with leg raisers. Also many of the baths come with a slip resistant area for showering and a shelf for accessories.

Mobility Bath Disabled Bath
Mobility Bath Windsor 2

Disabled Bath - The Windsor Disabled and Mobility Baths - Designed especially for bathing aid and comfort.

Mobility Bath Windsor 3

Disabled Bath - The Windsor 3 Designed especially for bathing aid and comfort with the luxury of a powered seat

Walkin Bath
The Cambridge Bath
A conventional full-length bath, with the advantage of the walk-in bath facility provided by a door at one end, and a powered seat to assist in safely raising and lowering oneself. The easy access door opens inwards in left or right. See More...

Disabled Showering

Our Showering Products cover walkin showers, disabled Showers, Shower Seats, Shower Curtain Rails, Grab Rails and many other super quality showering products so take a look on our online shop to see our range.



Shower Toilets




Disabled Toilets

The products we provide range from single grab rails, disabled bathrooms, hand rails, Doc M packs, Clos-o-Mat WC, fold down rails, freeway shower, shower rails, disabled toilet alarm, shower seats and stools, disabled toilet sign, , disabled showers, taps

Disabled- Bathrooms

Disability Mobility products are designed and manufactured to aid disabled and elderly people in their day to day routines that many of us don't even have to question.

Mobility Commode

A dedicated mobility products website and is aimed at elderly and less able people. We aim to support and aid people in improving their capabilities and giving them a better quality of life. See our range of commodes and mobility related products at fantastic prices.
Mobility Products

Take a look at our large mobility range and check out our fantastic special offers of doc m packs, grab rails, bath seats, disabled toilets and more. We also are selling plenty of new ranges.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails, Grab Bar, Safety Rails and disabled rails we sell them in many sizes, colours and materials giving you plenty of options. Maybe your looking for a grab rail that has extra grip to handle and is not too cold to touch.

4 Special Needs

See our excellent ranges of grab rails, grab rail kits, walkin baths, doc m packs, mobility aids, disabled bathing, mobility scooters and more. 4special needs aims at giving you plenty of options and choices in your home. We stock and supply accross the Uk.



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